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Gowrie Group & International Marine Insurance Services

Gowrie Group, a Division of Risk Strategies, is one of the nation’s leading marine insurance agencies.  Our portfolio of marine insurance solutions include risk management services, safety services, marine/crew medical insurance, and insurance for boats, yachts, classic yachts, worldwide cruisers (Jackline Program), race boats, yacht clubs (Burgee Program), and commercial vessels. We also offer insurance solutions for homes, coastal properties, autos, horses, businesses, flood, employee benefits, and more. Gowrie Group's nearly 100 insurance experts serve clients across the country and around the globe from regional offices in RI, CT, MA, and MD.  Risk Strategies has offices across the nation, with a team of more than 2,000 insurance specialists. International Marine Insurance Services (IMIS) is part of Gowrie Group.  Gowrie Group is a Division of Risk Strategies.  Connect with insurance expert Scott Stusek, from our Annapolis office, for all your marine, yacht, and individual insurance needs at [email protected] or 410.364.7706.

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